Nov 2009 Joe Heindel 11/21/09  thru 12/01/09  -   Stow artist  Custom guitar builder
Nov 2009   Alfred McMoore   Memorial show 
Dec  12/5/09 thru 12/15/09  Terry Klausman - Akron artist  Painter incorporating multimedia
Mar 03/06/10 thru 03/27/10 Life beyond the landfill! • Cleveland artist and visionary, Debbie Apple-Presser - Opening Reception March 6 5-10pm
Sept 2010 - Kevin Hamric is installed in the main gallery right now and will be up until September 14th. Kevin is a local musician and graphic artist he has some very interesting screen prints on canvas as well as a few band posters he has done in the last 6 months.
Kate Alboreo is installed in the back gallery right now and will be up until September 14th. This showing is Kate's bfa show in painting from the University of Akron. Her reception is Friday September 10th from 6-10pm
Joseph Arthur will be displaying his artwork which will coincide with his performance at Musica. His opening reception will be on Saturday September 18th from 6-9 pm with his performance downstairs starting at 9pm that same evening. His show will run through September 28th.
October 2010 - Cindy Nichols will be displaying her photography the month of October. Her opening reception will be Saturday October 2nd from 5-10pm. She is also having Nick Frankovits a professor from the University of Akron and head of the Inventors Hall of Fame giving a lecture on October 15th at 7pm. His lecture is entitled "the power of the ocean" which is the basic subject of Cindy's photos.
November 2010
In conjunction with the Akron Art Museum and Scene magazine We Gallery proudly presents visual music. Eleven Northeast Ohio artists look at rock photography. The show runs until December 1st, 2010

April 2 thru 16, 2011
David Pluck - Embodiment BFA Senior Show
Responding to the body within the context of a ceramic vessel is an exciting investigation that provides unlimited possibilities for interpretation. Referencing the human figure creates opportunities for infinite abstraction. These references include human characteristics, which make each person unique. No two human forms are exactly the same, so each ceramic object should have its own unique idiosyncrasies such as texture, wrinkles, cracks, protrusions, intrusions, blemishes, and other “imperfections”. In the same way that imperfections make individuals more interesting, it is these imperfections that make the ceramic forms more engaging. The combination of these abstracted elements creates a dynamic form, providing the viewer with an opportunity to explore the piece intuitively. I leave it up to the viewer to determine what makes these forms human-like. It is this perception that others have of my work that I find stimulating. These pieces were created with an ambiguous intent, leaving it open for interpretations.

May 2011
Canstruction Akron coming to We Gallery Building on May 6th, judging and awards May 7th, 2011. Looking for volunteers and participants now. First time in Akron - Be a part of it! Space is limited. Compete to enter the National competition.

July 2011
Bob Peck “The Elephant in the Room”
Coining the term, "the elephant in the room" usually means you're discussing an obvious truth that is being ignored or goes unaddressed.

The obvious truth here is that while many admire Bob Peck's work and understand the complexity and movement of it all, there are some who feel his work leaves something to be desired.

He himself, fifteen years ago, would have told you that abstract art was a scam for people with no real talent. That is, until he fell headfirst into the genre accidentally while prepping the background colors on one of his graffiti-themed canvasses of the era.

As he swabbed and blended hues together, he noticed he felt the same sense of "aliveness" from the loosely-connected colors and rough-edged shapes that he got while viewing more defined works of his past...Maybe even more.

From that day forth, his world opened up to the ideas of a less solid and more static frame of mind.

He wasn't thinking outside of the box, he had torn the box into fragments and began gluing them back together into a new form.

...But I digress.

Recently, his work was on view in a group show and seen by people from all walks of life.

Bob hears the compliments a lot and always humbly accepts them, but what he really gets his kicks from is the criticisms.

The one that tugged his ear one day was someone saying "An elephant could do that." to which Bob found as much or more humor than the one vocalizing their opinion.

He then decided to assimilate this into his mantra and build off of it, soon creating a piece titled The Elephant in the Room.

We could go into all the obvious truths about Bob Peck's work but it's best for you to come out and make your own assumptions. In the end, whether you think it's the bee's knees or that your 5-year-old can do what he does, he's gonna' keep painting. Not just to keep his many fans happy, but to drive all his naysayers crazy.

August 2011
Joseph Arthur Opening Reception August 6th 2011, 5-8pm

October 2011
Six Generation Quilt Show
Come see an amazing collection of quilts and quilters.
"This Saturday (Oct. 1st) We Gallery in Akron will display six generations of quilts. The quilts are from my family. Including my great great grandmother, my grandmother, mother, myself, my daughter and my niece. The show runs through the end of the month." - Denise Horning

November 2011
"Back in August I returned home from a 4 1/2 month thru hike of the Appalachian Trail and though I've been happy to return to family and friends, I've spent a great deal of time pouring over pictures and maps and fantasizing about where my pursuit of the horizon will take me next. This show is an expression of that pursuit, my passion for the outdoors and for living one's dreams."
Opening Reception - Saturday, November 5th 6-9pm

January 2012
Human Nature: The planet is crawling with organisms strange and bizarre. Organisms living in every crevice, every space utilized by life. The concept behind my exhibition Human Nature transforms the body into a planetary entity. It is estimated that there are 500-1000 different species of bacteria that reside on the human physique.I think of the body as having potential for flora and fauna to exist on a larger scale. Different parts of the body lend themselves as representations of familiar landscape. Hair could be considered a forest, the follicles being trees, the armpits jungle-like with the humidity they create. Each habitat having life unique to these dwellings. Humans relate to nature by existing amongst it. The exhibition Human Nature calls attention to the nature that we foster and  create.  

Opening Reception - Friday, January 13th 7-10pm

March 2012
New works by Rachel Jernigan! All new solo show by Rachel Jernigan

May 2012
It's a Pink Party!
Come out to the We Gallery on May 5th to see the works of Benjamin Manista. It's a Pink Party, so dress chic, and add some pink! Its cool art, a LIVE DJ (dead ones aren't nearly as fun!) hors d'oeuvres ('cause finger food is always sexy!), AND yes a cash bar! Did we mention you should wear something pink? If you don't you will be considered not as cool, and you may be shunned… but you can still enjoy the art, I guess.

October 2012
This show is a convergence of technology and art. Utilizing only an iPhone to take all the pictures in this exhibit todd wanted to see how far he could take his fondness for iPhone photography. "I love photography, and I wanted to see what it would be like to really limit myself with just an iPhone. You have to take a lot into consideration when creating an iPhone image as you are so limited by focal distance and a tiny sensor. Using the phone as if it is an old-fashioned camera, you have to get creative to get the shots you are looking for", says todd. This exhibit is not intended to be the end all be all photo essay of the city of Akron, but more the city as seen through todd's eyes. The people that inspire him. The spaces that make up daily life in the city. A perspective of the city from the eyes of one of its most prolific artists.

Check out Erin on Arts Quest TV!

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